CAF Power & Automation

CAF Power & Automation, a subsidiary of CAF Group, designs and develops Electric Traction Systems, Energy Storage Systems, and Train Control & Communication Systems.

Electric Traction Converters

The company develops traction converters for direct current (DC Converters), alternating current (AC Converters), and multi-system and diesel-electric locomotives.

The traction converters are developed with an in-house design based on the latest IGBT and control technology to ensure optimum energy performance and high reliability.

The traction converters are modular and flexible and can be integrated in both new rail vehicles and those that are already in service. The converters can be mounted on all types of rail vehicles including locomotives, trams and electric multiple units (EMUs).

The traction converters are fully compatible with the Train Control and Monitoring System and train-to-ground communication system.

Greentech Energy Storage Systems

CAF Power & Automation combines technology, efficiency and sustainability with the Greentech energy storage systems, a range of products designed for managing energy with the utmost efficiency and in an environmentally friendly way.

The company develops two main energy storage systems; FREEDRIVE for catenary-free running and EVODRIVE for regenerative braking.

The FREEDRIVE energy storage system is based on ultracapacitors or lithium batteries and can provide over 10 km of catenary-free running when fully charged.

The EVODRIVE energy storage system, based on ultracapacitors, is used to recover the kinetic energy released on braking. This energy can be reused, thus improving the rail vehicle’s energy efficiency. The EVODRIVE is specially designed for trams whose braking energy is difficult to return to the catenary. It can give up to 20% energy saving.

COSMOS Train Control and Monitoring System

COSMOS is a train monitoring and control system (TCMS) based on the TCN communications standard. It is a robust, modular and flexible system, designed for efficient control of the train and easy integration with other train systems.

COSMOS incorporates a powerful HMI that enables the driver to monitor all the train’s systems in an ergonomic way. This display also enables the maintainer to retrieve maintenance events from an integrated, user-friendly interface.

COSMOS train-to-ground communication system is used to gather and process onboard information and send it to the wayside servers through the most appropriate wireless communication channels.

This system covers the long-range cellular technologies, GSM, LTE and Wi-Fi and is scalable to future technologies of greater capacity. It can also to incorporate a GPS module for train positioning.

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