Upcoming Urban Rail Projects in North Africa

The rapid population increase and economic transformation of major cities across North Africa have led to an increase in urban rail projects. With ridership levels rising steadily on existing networks, new and extension projects are currently being carried out in major cities. Currently, over 200 km of urban rail lines have been planned in the region.

Algeria has the largest number of urban rail systems in service in the region and Africa at large.

The table below gives a summary of the upcoming rail projects in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

CountryProject NameDeveloperLength (km)No. of StationsCurrent Stage
EgyptCairo Metro Line 2 ExtensionNational Authority for Tunnels (NAT)8.8UnavailablePlanning
Cairo Metro Line 4 Phase 1NAT1917Planning
Cairo Metro Line 5NAT2017Planning
Cairo Metro Line 6NAT3024Planning
Alexandria MetroNAT4333Planning
TunisiaSfax Light Rail Phase 1Ministry of Transport (Tunisia)13.5UnavailablePlanning
AlgeriaAlgiers Metro Ain Naadja-BarakiEntreprise Métro d’Alger (EMA)66Planning
Algiers Metro El Harrach-Bab Ezzouar-Houari Boumediene Airport ExtensionEMA9.59Under Construction
Algiers Metro Place de Martyrs-Chevalley ExtEMA88Planning
Algiers Metro Chevalley-Ouled Fayet/Draria ExtEMA1414Planning
Oran Metro Line 1EMA19.6620Planning
Béchar TramwayEMA1323Planning
Bejaia TramwayEMA9.719Planning
Blida Tramway Line 1EMA18.927Planning
Tlemcen TramwayEMA21.533Planning
Tébessa TramwayEMA14.226Planning
MoroccoCasablanca Tramway Line T3Casa Transports SA1420Tendering
Casablanca Tramway Line T4Casa Transports SA12.519Tendering
Rabat-Salé Tramway ExtensionSociété du Tramway de Rabat-Salé (STRS)3015Planning
Upcoming Urban Rail Projects in North Africa [Source: Rail & Transit]

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