Urban Rail Transit AFRICA Database 2021

Urban Rail Transit AFRICA Database 2021 is a comprehensive database listing all the urban rail vehicles ordered/delivered between 1980 and June 2021. Trams, LRVs, metros, monorails are included and where possible, vehicle technical data is captured.

The numbers:

  • 1200 rail vehicles ordered
  • 1001 vehicles delivered
  • 38 fleet orders
  • 10 manufacturers
  • 14 cities
  • 7 countries.

The MS Excel database (with 32 filters) provides detailed and up-to-date information on each fleet order, including city, system name & type, owner, operator, line length, vehicles ordered, model, number of modules/cars, manufacturer, assembling facility, delivery date, service start, voltage, passenger capacity, speed, etc.

This database presents significant insights for transport authorities, operators, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, service providers, rail technology providers, industry consultants, among others.

Urban Rail Transit AFRICA Database 2021

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