Hyundai Rotem

Hyundai Rotem is a South Korean manufacturer and supplier of railway systems, defense systems and plant & machinery.

Hyundai Rotem was founded in 1977 as Hyundai Precision Industry. To strengthen South Korea’s competitiveness in the global market, three major rolling stock divisions of Hyundai Precision Industry, Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery and Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction were merged in 1999 to form a single corporation, Korea Rolling Stock Corporation (KOROS). KOROS was acquired by Hyundai Motor Group in 2002 and renamed Rotem, which later became Hyundai Rotem in 2007.

Headquartered in Seoul, Hyundai Rotem is publicly-traded on the Korean stock exchange. It has production facilities in Changwon (main factory location) and Dangjin, and an R&D Center in Uiwang. In Africa, Hyundai Rotem operates a branch in Cairo, Egypt.

Hyundai Rotem Railway Division supplies various types of railway vehicles, including EMUs, high-speed trains, LRVs, DMUs, locomotives, and passenger coaches and freight wagons. It also provides after-sales rail services such as rolling stock maintenance, modernization and parts & repairs.

Hyundai Rotem has localized the core electrical equipment of railway vehicles including train control management systems (TCMS), traction motors, propulsion systems, and auxiliary power units. It has expanded its business to incorporate integrated railway systems, which include signalling, communications, electricity, and PSD systems.

Electric Multiple Units (EMU)

Electric multiple units are widely used in inter-city and metropolitan transportation. Hyundai Rotem’s EMUs have adopted various car body materials, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Hyundai Rotem concentrates its efforts on safe and comfortable transportation by applying special interior materials with excellent fire-resistant performance, which are equivalent to the materials used on aircrafts.

Hyundai Rotem produces EMUs through the design verification procedures, including the updated technology for the analysis of car body and bogie strength, and digital mock-up verification steps before mass production.

High Speed Trains

With population density increasing due to urbanization, the demand and necessity for high-speed train services are also on the rise.

Based on its success in development of the 350 km/h Korean high-speed train, Hyundai Rotem manufactured KTX-Sancheon, the world’s fourth commercial high-speed train. In 2012, it also succeeded in developing the 430 km/h next-generation high speed train (HEMU-430x) with distributed traction system.

Hyundai Rotem has also developed the 250 km/h high speed train technology, completing the full line-up of 250 km/h, 330 km/h and 430 km/h high speed train models.

Electrical Equipment

Hyundai Rotem’s commitment to R&D has brought tremendous advances in the application of electrical equipment.

Based on its technical expertise, Hyundai Rotem is able to offer various customer-oriented solutions, by supplying lightweight, low-noise electrical equipment suited to customer demands for energy cost efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Hyundai Rotem guarantees total quality and reliability in various types of products such as traction motors, train control & management systems, signalling systems, main inverter and static inverters for use on electric cars and locomotives.


  • 2007: Supply of 19 four-car EMUs to SNCFT
  • 2016: Supply of 28 four-car suburban EMUs to SNCFT


  • 2012: Supply of 20 nine-car EMUs for Cairo Metro Line 1 and maintenance
  • 2017: Supply of 32 eight-car EMUs for Cairo Metro Line 3 and maintenance for eight years
  • 2019: Supply of 6 eight-car EMUs for Cairo Metro Line 2, eight-year maintenance support and spare parts


  • 2021: Supply of 80 eight-car EMUs and 17 electric locomotives for Dar es Salaam – Makutupora SGR line

Headquarters (R&D Center)

Changwon Plant (Main Factory Location)

  • 488 Changwondae-ro, Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
  • Tel: +82-55-273-1341
  • Fax: +82-55-273-1741

Hyundai Rotem Egypt Branch

  • 1191 Cornishe El Nile World Trade Center, Cairo, Egypt
  • Tel: +20 2 2574 0621

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