Alstom tram for Casa Tramway T3 T4
Alstom will supply 66 Citadis X05 trams. CREDIT: Alstom

Alstom will supply trams for Casa Tram T3 and T4

Alstom has won the contract to supply trams for lines T3 and T4 of the Casablanca Tramway in Morocco. Casa Transports S.A awarded the contract following a competitive tender where the final competitors were Alstom and CAF.

Under the contract, Alstom will supply 66 trams with an option for 22 additional trams at a contract value of €130 million. The trams belong to the Citadis X05 range. With a length of 32 m, the trams can carry a maximum of 630 passengers when operating as double units. Deliveries are scheduled between 2022 and 2023.

The trams will be assembled in Barcelona, Spain. Alstom’s new site in Fez will supply the electrical cabinets and cables for the trams. Alstom’s French sites involved in the project include La Rochelle for Project Management and Engineering activities, Valenciennes for interior design, Ornans for the motors, Villeurbanne for the onboard electronics, Aix-en-Provence for the speed measurement system and legal recorder, Tarbes for the modules and circuit breaker cabinets and Saint-Ouen for the design. The Charleroi site in Belgium will provide the traction system and the Getafe site in Spain will provide bogies.

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