Casablanca Tramway T3 & T4

Project Type





26.5 km




New Line




Project Start



Under construction


US$ 850 M


Govt (60%); Loans (40%)

Contract Type

Project Owner

Casa Transports S.A.

Casa Transports en Site Aménagé SA is a local development company created in 2009 to support the sustainable and united development of Casablanca, the first metropolis in Morocco.

Shareholders of Casa Transports S.A. include the State’s Ministries of  Interior and Finance, local communities (Region, Prefecture and Urban Commune of Casablanca) and large institutions (HASSAN II Fund, CDG, BCP and ONCF).


The Casablanca Tramway (Tramway de Casablanca) is a low-floor tram system in Casablanca, Morocco. It is the second tram system in Morocco after the Rabat-Sala Tramway. The tram system consists of two lines in service (T1 and T2) and two lines (T3 and T4) are planned to be completed by 2022.

As part of the expansion plan for the Casablanca Tramway, the proposed line T3 will run from Lahraouyine to Gare Casa Port covering a length of 14 km with 20 stations, while T4 will be 12.5 km long from Bd Mohammed VI to Sidi Maarouf with 19 stations. Both lines are double track.

  • Moroccan government, Support Fund for Urban and Interurban Transport Reforms (FART), Urban Municipality of Casablanca and Casablanca-Settat Region will finance 60% of the project.
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC): US$ 100 million loan.
  • Spanish Treasury: €190 million loan for purchasing rolling stock.


Main Contractor

Four local companies will carry out the infrastructure works as follows:

  • SGTM: From Bd Driss El Harti to the intersection of Bd Driss El Harti / Bd Driss Allam.
  • SOMAGEC: From Casa port station to Place de Victoire.
  • VIAS / STAM: From the intersection of Bd Mohammed VI / Rue Ezaizafoune to the intersection Driss El Harti / March 10 Avenue.
  • BIOUI TRAVAUX: From the intersection of Route Oulad Ziane / Bd de la Croix to Oqba Oulad Ziane station.


No awards yet.

Recent Developments

Organisation: Casa Transports SA


Description: Bids are invited to supply signalling system for tram lines T3 and T4.

Opening date for tenders: November 10, 2020

Address: 9th floor, Crystal 2-BS, Building 2, Marina Casablanca, Boulevard des Almohades, Casablanca, Morocco

Phone: +212 5 22 94 06 86


Alstom and CAF are the competitors in the tender.

Alstom presented an offer of MAD 2.17 billion while CAF’s bid is MAD 1.93 billion.


Infrastructure works begin after the completion of preparatory works which entailed diversion of water, electricity and telecommunication lines.

French Development Agency (AFD) and Casa Transports S.A signed a €100m loan agreement to finance the construction of the two tramway lines.

The loan agreement includes a technical assistance grant of €0.5 million.

Alstom will supply 66 trams with an option for 22 additional trams at a contract value of 130 m.

Four Moroccan companies win the infrastructure works contract valued at MAD 1.662 billion. These are:

  • SGTM

FRANCE RAIL Industry will undertake production and delivery of rails within 18 months. The contract is valued at €7.64 million.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Casablanca-Settat region sign a US$ 100m loan agreement to enable the region to complete its funding of the construction of lines T3 and T4.

Casa Transports awarded a consortium of Egis (leader), Novec and Atelier A1 the project management services contract for the construction of lines T3 and T4.

The contract is valued at MAD 300 million (US$ 30m).

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